C.L.M. is part of the group A.D.R. , a European leader in the production of axles.
The headquarters is located near Udine, Italy, in the east. C.L.M. produces a wide range of wheels rims with a diameter between 4 and 10 inches for use in the agricultural and industrial field.
Amongst the range C.L.M. also produce complete wheels with tyres, available in a selection that includes all the best brands.
Markets that directs its C.L.M. product are:
Manual transport
Machines for harvesting
Industrial transport
Trucks and trailers
Small agricultural and gardening machinery


1954 John and Antonia Radrizzani decide to introduce their two sons Giancarlo and Flavio into the industry during the following years.
1958 Specialized activity towards the production of wheel rims.
From 1977 management switches to a traditional business management with the establishment of ADR Snc Since the late 60s the production of wheels was joined by the manufacturing of axles for agricultural trailers.
1987 Italruote is founded to support the revitalization of the production of wheels.
1996 Entrepreneurs take on the project to provide the complete wheels and tyres and to make up for lack of space and manpower they decided to transfer the production of wheels in the Friuli Venezia Giulia, giving it the name of CLM
2001 Obtained ISO 9001-2000


The quality and the satisfaction of our customers are always our aim. In view of this goal in 2001 the company decided to undertake the certification of ISO 9001-2000. New technologies and the constant updating of production processes lead to the conquest of the CLM increasingly important markets and creating products that specifically target the needs of users. Research continues to allow our engineering department to design in harmony with the most stringent European directives. The goals achieved so far encourage us to improve our quality every day.
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