The orientation to customer satisfaction, quality and cost reduction has led to the C.L.M. to investing in equipment, trained personnel, automation of production processes, including the most significant are:

- tensile testing machine for testing materials in order to identify the most suitable metal wheels to print quality while reducing raw material costs
- control desk of the concentricity of the bearings
- hacksaw to cut the pipe, fully automatic
- machine control pressure and diameter of the tire
- semi-automatic machine mounting tires

Surface treatment

All wheels C.L.M. produce undergo a pre-treatment phosphating and are then coated with a standard metallic grey polyurethane powder, fully cured in the oven giving a surface treatment to ensure an excellent surface finish and a long-term protection.


The surface finish can be with other colours depending on the quantity of the order. The wheel surface treatment of C.L.M. is achieved with a fully automated processes that respects the environment.
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